Children born to older mothers likely to have diabetes

Children born to mothers later in life are more likely to have diabetes. The reason behind this problem is the increasing popularity of Caesarean birth & mother's birth choice that has contributed to a dramatic rise in the cases of childhood diabetes. The number of children under five with Type 1 diabetes is likely to double in coming years. Our moder lifestyle can partly be blaemd for this children problem.

The increased height & weight among infants & rapid growth during frst years of life are also contributing factors for diabetes in children. In most cases of diabetes, many are children & young adults. Most of them need insulin injections daily to control the illness which , when managed poorly can lead to long term complications such as blindness, kidney failure & heart disease that is not cureable.

Around two million people have Type 2 diabetes, which develops later in life and is linked to obesity. Dr Chris Patterson of Queen's University said, "We know children born to older mothers, for example, are more at risk. There is a 20 % extra risk for babies born as a result of Caesarean section, while those putting on weight rapidly during the first year of life are also at increased risk. Breastfeeding reduces the risk. In addition there are other environmental issues behind the rising trend, such as children being exposed to fewer germs."

Children with type 1 diabetes would be at risk of short term complications such as hypoglicaemic episodes , in which the brain doesn't get enough energy through blood sugar. the other one is ketoacidosis , in which the blood become dangerously acidic. Both of these may require hospitalisation. Type 1 diabetes also affects on the immune system & stop it producing insulin. The increasing number of cases of diabetes in children over time is so rapid that it cannot be related to genetic factors alone.

Dr Iain Frame said, "Other research has suggested factors including low and increased birth weight, an increase in the number of Caesarean section births and, possibly, a reduced frequency of early infections. However, a lot more research is needed before we can come to any concrete conclusions about the causes of this rise in Type 1 diabetes in younger children."


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