Combat insomnia with Zeo

Sleeplessness is now the third biggest health complaint in the world after headache & cold. There are more than 80 known kinds of sleeping disorders. It has become an epidemic for the people around the world. Many medicines are available to cure the problem of insomnia but giving some sorts of relieve they also have huge side effects on human body. Many people termed it as economic insomnia.

While keeping all these things in mind a company called Zeo has rolled out the Zeo personal Sleep Coach, a new kind of educational tool & motivational program that helps users to understand their sleeping behavior, reveals habits that may be helping or hindering one’s sleep. It teaches new ways that may be helpful for user to get better sleep during night.

The Zeo system is formed out of two important components, namely the headband & the bedside display. The headband is quite soft & lightweight and employs the company's SoftWave sensor technology to track one's unique sleep patterns & then send them wirelessly to the bedside display.

The display, on the other hand, shows users a very complex array of personal sleep information explained ahead

1. Your Sleep Graph : it summarizes the pattern of sleep phases each night.

2. Your ZQ : A single that helps users quickly gauge the quantity, quality& depth of their sleep each night.

3. The Total Z : It shows how long people really sleep each night, counting any perceived & unperceived awakenings that can be detected, as well as the time it took one to fall asleep, the Time in Wake & Times Woken and the total amount of REM, Light & Deep sleep.

4. The built-in SD card : The Zeo is also able to transfer sleep-related information to a computer via the built-in SD card.

5. Access the myZeo service : This offers myZeo Sleep Tools, Sleep Journal.

6. Personal coaching section : Allowing users to discover the associations between sleep & how it may be impacted by one's lifestyle, including exercise, diet, stress & environment.

As mentioned right from the start, fighting insomnia with the help of the Zeo is not exactly something cheap.



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