Complications likely to face by a premature baby

Babies are the most delicate thing o this earth. Parents need to know how to truly take care of them. A premature baby is more fragile. Premature babies need more attention because they do not know hoe to breath, & other complication that need more attention. Premature babies usually suffer from many complications which are either short term or long term. Parents of premature babies should know the above said things.

Learning disability : Premature babies may suffer from learning disabilities. These disabilities might include coordination problems such as difficulty in writing, drawing, solving jigsaw puzzles & language problems. They may have difficulty in reading or remembering words & cognition complications such as memory problem, difficulty in spatial relationships, or difficulty with abstract concepts.

Behavioral problems : Premature babies could also suffer from behavioral problems. Parents should be wary of these signs of a budding behavioral problem. Over aggressive playing & tantrums, stubbornness, hard to control loudness, short attention span, problems with behaving, or extreme shyness.

Vision problems : Premature babies also have higher chances of suffering from vision problems. They could have Amblyopia, decreased color vision, Nystagmus, poor vision, smaller field of vision & Strabismus. Parents should be wary about symptoms like constant eye movements, frequent crossing of eyes beyond 3 months of age, appearance of a cloudy or white texture on the pupil, abnormal head tilt, inability to fix eyes on a specific object, drooping eyelid & oversensitivity to light.

When you notice any possible eye problems, consult with your pediatrician. Fortunately, such eye problems can be usually corrected with glasses, eye patches or contact lenses.

Hearing & dental problem : Premature babies are also known to be prone to hearing as well as dental problem. In the case of a hearing problem, therapists specializing on speech & hearing can help. With dental problems premature babies might suffer from delayed teething & abnormal bite, to name a few. There’s nothing to worry, though. Most dental problems can be fixed by a dentist.

Being parents if you have premature baby then you should take a extra care of him. Parents by providing the premature babies an extra care could easily bring them up in way to give them a normal life.

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