Coping with acne in teenage years

Acne start to appear in teenage that is not only the problem of girls but even boys are also bothered by acne problem. There is wide range of products available in market that claim to clear the cane completely. But many products while applying to cure this problem worsen the condition more than before. Usually there’s no reason to panic, if you know what to do with it, and what not to do with it. Here are things you can do to prevent a simple acne problem from becoming a real skin flaw.

Wash your face regularly : Even if acne is not only caused by dirt, there’s still a need to keep your face clean. As you go out to do your daily activities, your face gets all greasy & sticky. Teenagers whose skin is sensitive it’s best for them to consult with a dermatologist to find out which skin products are best suited for their skin type. Some skin products are too mild for one that they cannot clean one’s face thoroughly while some are just way too harsh. Same goes for the kind of make up one’s use.

Never touch your face : Whatever happens, never touch your face with your hands if you don’t have to. Use your clean handkerchief if you have to wipe away sweat or dirt. Another reason to keep your hands off your face is that, you might scratch a pimple, causing it to get irritated. Also, try to avoid places which are always dusty & polluted.

Drink plenty of water : It is normally seen that teenager generally do not drink sufficient quantity of water as required by their body . Water helps to throw out the toxins from your body. It helps to purify your blood. Moreover it also removes extra hot from the blood that become one of the reason for acne problem. Drink at least two to three liters of water daily. It also keeps your digestive system in good working condition.

Avoid spicy & stuffed food : Teenagers are very fond of burger, pizza & other kind of stuffed food. But they don’t know these food actually increase their acne problem. These food are not easy to digest moreover they disturb the skin tone of your body. Try to avoid these kind of foods in spite of that eat healthy & nutritious food that healthy for your body as well as your skin.

Don’t squeeze : It’s almost human nature to want to pick at pimples, but don’t give in to this. If you do, you might give yourself a permanent scar. Pimples are just there for a few days. Just maintain your cleaning methods, let it heal on it own & when it does, you won’t even find a trace where it was.

By applying the above said tips you can easily combat with acne & more over these tips are useful for taking care of your overall health. Teenage is age of some changes of your body & skin , so you should follow healthy tips for your healthy changes.


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