Do not delay Menstrual Cycle, hey women!

A delayed menstrual period is a condition which is medially known as amenorrhea. It is divided into two type i.e. primary amenorrhea & secondary amenorrhea. First type is a condition where no menstrual period occurs by the age of sixteen years. Second type is a condition where previously menstruating woman stop having periods.

Primary amenorrhea may be caused by one or more reasons like chromosomal abnormalities, malfunction of hypothalamus, disease of pituitary glands & abnormal reproductive organs. On the other hand the main reason of the secondary amenorrhea is pregnancy. However there can be several other reasons for the secondary amenorrhea is like hormonal imbalance, malnutrition, excessive exercise, thyroid malfunction, stress, use of contraceptives & certain other medications can cause the secondary amenorrhea.

Medical advice should be taken for both the cases of amenorrhea. If the menstrual cycle does not start by the age of sixteen years or there is absent of three or more cycles then you should need to get yourself checked by the doctor. You should also follow the healthy lifestyle to avoid an irruption in your menstrual cycle. Try to maintain accurate weight by eating healthy & exercising regularly.

Avoid getting stressed too much, try to maintain a healthy balance between work & rest. Try to keep an accurate record of your menstrual cycle. In case of any abnormality you record can be checked by your doctor at the earliest. There are no known ways to delay the menstrual cycle. It should be understood that menstrual cycle is run according to body clock depending on the hormonal changes.

There are many techniques that claim to delay the menstrual cycle, but none of them is medically certified & should not be practiced. Trying to delay your menstrual cycle can cause hormonal imbalance in the body which in turn may cause several other complication too. Many women claim to practice delay menstruation by forcing themselves into conditions of excessive stress or going on a severe diet to bring about hormonal changes for delaying menstrual cycle.

You should bear in mind that the techniques used by many women to delay their menstrual cycle are utterly unhealthy & may cause damage to their body as well as mind. There for it is best to allow your body to follow its natural menstrual cycle & not try to change it. Please do not play with your health, proper menstruation is the main sign of healthy woman.


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