Eat Broccoli for healthy living

Broccoli is a member of the cabbage family & is closely related to cauliflower. It is kind of vegetable that you either love to eat or hate. It is hardly matter about the taste of broccoli but the way the cruciferous vegetable makes you feel after you finish eating. Broccoli could be eaten as salad & mix with fruits & blend as fruit salad. You can make very tasty boil out of this as well. You can eat it in any way as per your like. Broccoli is the only vegetable which provides multiple faces of your health problem. Here is explained some healthy benefits of eating broccoli.

1. Help to deal with Osteoporosis : Because of high level of calcium found in broccoli make it an excellent way to deal with osteoporosis. The calcium present in broccoli not only prevent you from losing bone mass as you age but it will also make you bones stronger & less susceptible to breaks & cracks. Broccoli also helps to spare your joints from becoming stiff & arthritic.

2. Helpful for Digestion : People who eat broccoli regularly in their diet hardly ever suffer from constipation. Broccoli also makes you sure that your gastrointestinal tract is functioning smoothly. It also reduces the amount of ulcer activity in your stomach. Broccoli also makes it easier to digest your food.

3. Reduce the risk of Cancer : Broccoli is a good source of a carotenoid called lutein. Cartotenoids are fat-soluble that reduce tissue & cell damage. Carotenoids are extremely important part of both the prevention & treatment of several types of cancer. While they deal with cancerous cells, carotenoids also help to elevate your white blood count, making it easier to fight off disease & infections. In addition to it lowers your chances of having caner, lutien also keeps your arteries from hardening.

4. Helpful to reduce Weight : Broccoli is full of the things like fiber, antioxidants & chromium that every successful diet needs. If you’re on a diet, you should eat broccoli, a lot of broccoli. Chromium found in broccoli is a trace mineral that is beneficial to people suffering from obesity & diabetes. In addition to aiding in weight loss, chromium is also helpful in the regulation of blood sugar level & maintaining insulin levels. When you’re dieting you should either eat your broccoli raw without a vegetable dip or you should steam the broccoli and eat it with a little fat free butter.

5. Reduce Toxemia in pregnancy : Toxemia is a condition in which mother’s blood pressure start raising that can put the life of both mother & baby at risk. Broccoli is a natural way to help lower & regulate your blood pressure. If you have high Blood Pressure you must eat it as every day meal.

Along with above said healthy benefits of broccoli it also helps to cure & prevent many diseases like Alzheimer, diabetes, stomach colon cancer, malign tumor, lung cancer & it also acts as anti ageing agent.


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