Eating red meat & fat result in low sperm count

A new study claims that men who eat more fresh fruits & vegetables can boost their sperm count. They should reduce the amount of red meat & fatty food like steak & burgers in their diet because it is found in new study that eating meat & fat result in low sperm count in men. The link between healthy sperms & antioxidants has emerged from a four year study into the link between fertility & dietary habits. They wanted to found out whether vitamins can alter sperm quality in men.

Antioxidants are found in many foods like oranges, peppers & spinach. The people who consume more fruits & vegetables are ingesting more antioxidants. These antioxidants reduce the harmful effect of free radical, which roams the body damages cells. Men who ate healthily had more sperm than those who ate large amounts of red meat and fat. Their sperm also swam faster.

Healthy diet taken by you is not only way of avoiding illness but it could also have an impact on improving your seminal quality. A large number of studies have shown that quality & count of sperm in men has fallen in last few decades. Dr Jaime Mendiola said, “Our previous research showed that men who eat large amounts of meat and full fat dairy products have lower seminal quality than those who eat more fruit, vegetables and reduced fat dairy products.”

Men who are obese can improve their chance of fathering a baby if they lose their weight. In the same way smoking can also reduce their fertility same as stress & some enviourmental factors contribute to reduce fertility in men. Previously a study suggested that some men can also boost their sperm quality by having regular sex. Researchers are still examining if it mattes if men receive their vitamins from food or from pills.

Many prescribed drugs including antidepressants can also reduce sperm count in men. Many studies also linked the reason of low sperm count with eating too much Soya & heavy drinking. Men who spent long periods sitting at desks or in cars are more likely to have risk of sperm damage caused by the overheating of testicles. So men who want to father baby should cut down manly food like steak & burgers.


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