Effect of Ultraviolet UV rays on body & health

Everyone needs some sunshine, because the rays of sun trigger the production of Vitamin D, they are also essential for absorption of calcium from food. They even protect us from some cancer. Those rays are ultraviolet (UV) - an invisible form of electromagnetic radiation emitted by the sun. Ultra violets rays are actually divided in three categories that have different effects upon the body are UVA, UVB & UVC.

Out of these, only UVA & UVB types are armful to our skin. They damage the skin’s surface & inner structure when taken prolonged sunbath. The third type UVC radiation does not penetrate the atmosphere’s ozone layer & does not reach earth. The UVB rays also called ultra violet burning rays are mostly responsible for most cases of sunburn, as they are shorter than UVA rays. These rays only reach the surface of the skin that is made of epidermis layer.

The UVA rays also called as ultra violet ageing rays damage deeply, as they are longer than the UBV rays & reach in inner strata of the skin. They are responsible for causing the skin to lose its elasticity & wrinkling, leading to premature aging of the skin. The UVA rays are not at all absorbed by the atmosphere & completely reach earth. Both UVA & UVB lead to skin cancer. The most likely to get skin cancer are the fair-skinned people that also get burned when over-exposing to the sun.

Besides skin disorders and cancer, there is another wide range of conditions, caused by UV radiation to humans. This includes eye disorders. UVA are responsible for most of the vision problems because they don’t limit their action to the surface of the eye but they go deeper penetrating the retina. Excessive sunbathing may also lead to weakening the immune system. UV can alter the distribution & function of white blood cells in human beings. These cells are known for their active fighting –disease role for up to twenty four hours after sun expose.

Therefore everyone should protect himself from the sun. We all know that sun has also beneficial effects on our health but this can be obtained only by scheduling our sunbaths early in the morning & in the evening & avoiding midday. We should also play extremely attention to always use radiation protective sunscreens, sunglasses & hats.


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