Effective ways to deal with Premenstrual Syndrome [PMS]

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a group of symptoms linked to the menstrual cycle. PMS symptoms occur in the week or two weeks before your period. You experience all these physical discomforts that you normally don't on a regular day, and you just feel like an emotional wreck. PMS can affect menstruating women of any age. It is also different for each woman. PMS may be just a monthly bother or it may be so severe that it makes it hard to even get through the day.

Symptoms of PMS - Premenstrual syndrome : PMS often includes both physical and emotional symptoms. Common symptoms are

• Acne
• Breast swelling and tenderness
• Feeling tired
• Having trouble sleeping
• Upset stomach, bloating, constipation, or diarrhea
• Headache or backache
• Appetite changes or food cravings
• Joint or muscle pain
• Trouble concentrating or remembering
• Tension, irritability, mood swings, or crying spells
• Anxiety or depression

Causes of Premenstrual syndrome : It is linked to the changing hormones during the menstrual cycle. Some women may be affected more than others by changing hormone levels during the menstrual cycle. Stress and emotional problems do not seem to cause PMS, but they may make it worse.

Simple and Effective Ways to Deal with PMS : Here are simple & effective ways that can be used to get relief from PMS & to ward of the mood swings, physical discomfort & fatigue.

1. Adequate sleep : lack of adequate sleep causes fatigue. Fatigue is one of the symptoms of PMS. While experiencing PMS most women make it lot harder to last throughout the day by depriving themselves of much needed rest. Women should take seven to eight hours of sleep to energize them & time for brain to rest, during PMS.

2. Avoid Caffeine : Use of caffeine increased irritability, anxiety and nervousness during PMS. Caffeine is a psychoactive drug, which means that it affects the brain and nervous system in such a way that it increases heart rate and blood pressure. Women who are coffee fan they must have experienced a hard time in sleeping & extreme nervousness from drinking too much coffee when they have PMS. So stay away from coffee.

3. Try to remain busy : Women those are extra nervous & who tends to fret easily about things then they should not allow their mind to be idle for too long. They should work on something that kept their mind preoccupied. Focus on things like walking, talk to close friends, do something that is mentally & physically engaging. During PMS allow your mind to wander & dwell on things that are not worth worrying about.

4. Take Raspberry : Avoid healthy food choice during PMS because it contains large amount of antioxidants. Prefer raspberry (fruit, juice, shake , tea) has been known to alleviate cramps. It also helps to get relief from the physical PMS symptoms.

5. Always remain positive : Remain positive is such a challenge during this time but this too will pass a kind of mindset for you to get through this whole phase without causing too much damage on your emotional morale & relationship with other people. Be nice to people, especially your boyfriend or husband. Cut him some slack, he doesn't understand a thing about what you're going through. Best is to talk it out and not shout!


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