A gadget improves your cleavage while you sleep

A revolutionary new gadget claims to improve your cleavage while you sleep. The Kush, a plastic cylinder, is placed in your cleavage before you nod off and is said to stop wrinkles and folds forming between the breasts. This gadget comes in three handy sizes & seven colors. It is aimed at women with C-cup or larger, nursing mothers & those with implants.

Inventor of this gadget Cathinka Chandler said, “As women age, wrinkles & folds can form between the breasts. Because I sleep on my side, I learned that gravity & the pressure of my breasts resting on top of each other was the culprit. Kush offers more natural rest for the breasts for a more comfortable sleep.”

The Kush is about to launch in Britain by Joanne Darbost from Lincolnshire. Inventor of this gadget Cathinka Chandler said, “I wish it had been available when I was pregnant as the answer for those uncomfortable nights, when a good sleep is so desperately needed.”



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