Healthy benefits of eating Papaya

The best tropical fruit liked by people all over the world is papaya. It is also known as ‘Nutritional Masterpiece’ because of healthy nutrients which help in maintaining the health & well being of a person. Papaya contains nutrients like Vitamin C, potassium, foliate, dietary fiber, vitamin A, E, K & the eye-saving carotenoids- lutein. Papaya protects you from various ailments like cardiovascular disorders, digestion related ailments, hypertension, strokes, cataract formation & cancer.

1. Curing Cardiovascular disease : Varying amounts of antioxidants which are required for the healthy functioning of the body, present in papaya along with other essential nutrients like foliate, potassium & magnesium help in promoting health of cardiovascular system. They also provide protection from colon cancer. The Vitamins like A, C & E present in this nutritious fruit prevents the oxidation of cholesterol & help to protect heart attack & stroke.

2. Marinating natural Digestion : People who have poor digestive system should indulge a habit of consuming papaya in their daily diet. The papaya contains an enzyme papain, which is useful for the easy breakdown of proteins. Thus the most common use of consuming this fruit is to aid for indigestion & its natural digestive property & also act as an added advantage for people who want to lose weight.

3. Preventing Colon Cancer : The fibers found in papaya are considered to be ideal for preventing colon cancer. This is because these fibers will tie the cancer developing free radicals & will remove from your colon. Along with fibers beta carotene, folic acid, Vitamin C & E are also taking part in cancer prevention. Lycopene in papaya also protects you from prostate cancer.

4. Reduce Inflammation related diseases : The enzymes present in papaya along with beta carotene, Vitamin C & E help to reduce the inflammation. Thus people having the inflammation related diseases like osteoarthritis, asthma & rheumatoid arthritis get benefit by consuming papaya.

5. Other healthy benefits of papaya : Vitamin A & C in papaya are found to fortify the immune system & there by protect you from flu, cold & gives you a good relief from nausea. Vitamin A, B, E & C in papaya are found to be ideal for eye sight & clear vision. These vitamins are also beneficial for rejuvenating the skin. People who want to lose weight can lose their weight by consuming papaya.

The health benefits of papaya are numerous and thus it is a fruit which must be included in one’s diet. Papayas can be eaten in a number of ways including being eaten in their raw form & also in the form of pickles.


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