Heart palpitation & factors causes it

Irregular or forceful beatings of the heart are refereed to as heart palpitations. There are various causes which can lead to these kinds of palpitations. Some are common & normal, while others require medical attention. Palpitations can be caused by heart complications, thyroid gland malfunctioning & even due to problems like anemia. If the thumping and fast beating of your heart is a regular or a frequent phenomenon, then it refers to the problem of palpitation

Causes of palpitation : When anyone runs miles or exercise a lot, his heart beats faster than usual. However, these beatings of the heart last only for a short time & then return to normal. Similarly, when anyone is stressed or anxious, he tends to palpitate. Other factors which can cause heart palpitation include caffeine or nicotine intake, use of diet pills, overactive thyroid, & low levels of oxygen in the blood and can also occur due to some heart disease.

Excessive smoking & drinking : Both are some of the other causes of palpitation. People who use to drink a lot often experience the fast and irregular beatings of their heart. In addition, smoking that results in excessive intake of caffeine & nicotine can also lead to the problem of palpitation.
Change in hormonal level : Hormonal changes in the body can result in palpitation & thus this problem can be experienced during menstruation & pregnancy. Certain medications can also lead to palpitations which are used during menstruation & pregnancy.

Abnormalities in the atria : It can also lead to the problem of heart palpitations. Whatever be the reason apart from stress & exercise, you should get it checked from a doctor. Immediate medical attention should be taken, if patient feels frequent extra heartbeats, new or different palpitations & high pulse. If you suffer from chest pain, shortness of breath, unusual sweating or dizziness then also consult medical practitioner.


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