How drug for morning sickness, safe in pregnancy?

Morning sickness appears among most of the pregnant women. But many pregnant women are reluctant to take medicine to quell nausea & vomiting. But new research claimed that a commonly used anti-nausea drug called metocloprramide is safe & doesn’t affect fetal development. This drug can be taken even during the first trimester which is the critical period of fetus development.

Pregnant women who take medicine for morning sickness, it has been seen babies born to them were no more likely to have congenital abnormalities. Metoclopramide is already used to treat severe morning sickness during pregnancy. Dr. Rafael Gorodischer said , “We studied exposure in the first trimester because that is the most critical period for the development of the fetus, when most malformations would be caused by an external cause. We can now say with a high degree of confidence that it’s a safe medication.”

For women with mild nausea & vomiting once or twice a day, there are conservative measures they can try like eating little bit of food all the time so they always have something in their stomach. They can also use antacids to deal with indigestion. They can stay away from caffeine or anything which smells bad to them. Some of these traditional measures can also help to deal with nausea & vomiting.

Metoclopramide drug, which has been approved by the Food & Drug Administration, is used to treat gastric problems, nausea and heartburn in adults. It is considered a Category B drug, which means it is presumed to be safe to a fetus based on animal studies, though controlled studies of pregnant women have not been done. It is one of several drugs already used to treat severe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.


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