How to get relief from Stiff Neck?

Most of the people in their daily life experience neck pain & stiffness. Stress, lack of exercise & poor posture can aggravate this problem. People who sleep without good neck support at night & sit hunched over in front of a computer screen during the day can further aggravate their problem. In mild cases the pain is confined to neck only while in severe a headache is also experienced. This situation is tough to deal with particularly when the person is busy.

Causes of stiff neck : Stiffness in neck arises due to strain arising from ergonomic problem poor posture & stress. It is also associated with fever & headache, it can be a sign of meningitis, a life threatening condition that requires immediate treatment, or even a spinal cord tumor. Stiffness in neck is not always due to muscle strain if the person has other symptoms like fever, chills, severe headache & numbness in upper extremities then he should immediately consult his family doctor.

Relieve muscle strain related stiffness : The person who is suffering from a stiff neck related to muscle strain, he may be tempted to limit activity. To relieve a stiff neck, gentle range of motion exercises should be used to relieve some of the muscle spasm. These would involve slowly moving the chin to the chest, then the ears to each shoulder, being careful not to move too quickly. These slow, controlled movements help to relax strained neck muscles & relieve some of the neck pain & stiffness. Once the pain & stiffness have subsided, it’s important to start a regular training program to strengthen & condition the neck muscles to reduce the risk of future problems. A gentle neck massage may also be helpful.

Relieve stiff neck through heat : Heat can be a wonderful therapy to get relief from stiff neck. The moist heat works more effective than dry heat. Other method involves, who suffer from it can stand in a warm shower & allow the water to hit his neck muscles for five to ten minutes. Hot water bottle or a heating pad will also work. Anti inflammatory medicine can also be taken to get relief from the pain.

Prevent from future neck problem : By getting relief from above said methods now one should take care of certain things to prevent future neck problem. It is important to support one’s neck during sleep using pillow. Strength training to condition neck muscles & exercises to improve posture is also important. Neck should not be hold in one position for longer time when working on computer. Walking around & do gentle range of exercises every hour to prevent neck stiffness.


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