How to get rid of irritation around anus?

Irritation around anus is not a serious disorder or dysfunction. The veins situated around the anus are prone to damage which lead to internal piles. The itchy anus could be the result of the onset of such a condition. Use of perfumed toilet paper or soap can cause irritation to the sensitive skin lining of the anus. In the same way inadequate level of personal hygiene could also contribute to such situation.

To avoid you from such situation avoiding the use of harsh chemicals perfumed toiletries etc. Wearing tight undergarments can also contribute to itchy sensations. Always use cotton undergarments that allow the moist areas a chance to dry. Frequently change the undergarments if there is any sort of discharge or wetness is experienced. Always keep the anus dry to avoid the onset of disease.

Many types of food & medication can cause irritation around the anus. You should be very careful about your diet that can equally eliminate or become cause for this problem. You can also consult your doctor which can help by providing alternative therapies that can help to get relief from it. It is also recommended to apply a thin film of coconut oil, almond oil which can ease the dryness around the anus.

Refrain from excessive cleansing the anus because wiping or cleansing more than require can do more damage than benefit. Try to use small swab of cotton or tissues to keep the anus dry rather than going for full fledged cleansing regime. Avoid hot baths because hot bath can cause skin to dry. Use of moisturizers can help avoid the skin getting dry and itchy. Always use recommended moisturizers for skin & sensitive areas of the body.

Water can help to flush the toxins & reduce the chances of getting itchy anus so drink plenty of water. If there occurs any problem while passing stool then go for high fiber diet that will soften stool & also reduce discomfort in passing of stool. A fresh fruit or vegetable juice diet can help to ease digestion & consequent excretion. It is best to avoid spicy foods, dairy products, carbonated drinks, dried fruits and citrus fruits until the condition improve.


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