How to get rid of upper lip hair?

This is very common to grow some amount of hair above the lips in women. But the sight of upper lip hair can be extremely distressing & bothersome for a woman. There are many ways to get rid of upper lip hair like plucking, trimming , waxing & applying hair removing creams. These methods some times cause a amount of discomfort to women.

Bleaching the upper lip hair : This is a popular alternative that can help in lighting the hair without causing pain. But some times natural hair bleaching or chemical application can evoke skin aggravation. It is better to do a skin patch test to check the sensitivity of the skin before you seek natural bleaching remedy. No woman want skin allergy due to disagreeable skin bleach ingredients.

Natural skin lightning remedies : You can use as application made from sun dried orange peels that have been ground into fine powder or paste. Blend in a few drops of fresh lemon juice and some fresh unsweetened yogurt to the orange powder. Apply this paste on the upper lip and leave it to dry for half an hour. The dried application can then be washed out with cool water. Lemon is believed to be a natural bleaching agent and helps in hastening the bleaching effect on the skin. However the use of this homemade procedure does not guarantee immediate results.

Permanent removal through Electrical Depilation : The only way to permanently get rid of upper lip hair is through electric depilation, laser treatment or IPL (Intense Pulse Light). Such hair removing methods are far more expensive than traditional approaches but they are known to get rid of unwanted facial hair for good.

Signs of Hormonal imbalances : If you are experiencing thick unwanted upper lip hair, or have recently started to notice thicker growth than normal, you may need to check for any underlying conditions before proceeding for a hair removal treatment. An abrupt onset of facial hair growth can point to signs of hormonal imbalances, and further medical testing and a visit to the doctor can help rule out such problems.

You can try adopting various types of hair removing treatment each time, as there is no single hair removing method or technique for upper lip hair that works for all women. Although plucking, waxing, shaving or cosmetic wax creams are fairly inexpensive options, they can cause pain and irritation. The best way to completely fade out the upper lip hair is through commercially available cream bleaches.


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