How to go green during recession?

During a recession every body is looking a way to save money. The more conscious the people are of the fact that they throw money down the drain, the more dollars & cents they save in the process. They calculate each bit & any difference in their weekly budget can surprise them. By implementing green tips at the same time you'll not only help your own pocket, but also planet Earth. The recession tips will give you a good head start in becoming more environmentally conscious and money smart.

Saving energy : The easiest way to save energy is to buy energy efficient light bulbs for your homes. In summer, turn off your thermostat and use thick curtains to insulate your home rather than switching on the air conditioner. Turn off the light of rooms in which nobody is sitting, studying & resting. Do not turn on the light of the rooms in which direct natural light is coming at full swing.

Saving fuel : Saving fuel is easier than you think. You can start by reducing the amount of time you just hop into the car to drive around with no particular destination in mind. If you live in a city with a good transport system then you could consider going public & leave your car home. This will help you to save oil & money. Even better would be to walk. Another option is to carpool with friends from work. By sharing one car between several people you reduce emissions & lower the cost of transport for all involved.

Saving water : The first step you can do to save water at home is to turn off the tap when you brush your teeth. The same rule applies for when you shower. Turn the water off while you soap your body then turn it back on to rinse. Doing this will save quite a bit of water each time you take a shower. You can also save water by using a bucket to wash your car instead of using a pipe.

Smart shopping : Smart shopping can also save money and energy. The first step to smart shopping is to always shop with a list. Unless you have a list & stick to it, you will only end up buying unnecessary things, such as snacks & spur of the moment products. Refuse to buy products with excess packaging. The more we force manufacturers to listen, the sooner they will stop waste at least we hope so.

Saving money : While all the above tips help to save money in some ways, saving money as a primary means can make or break your budget. The fastest way to saving money is to stop spending it. Look at situations in your day-to-day life where you tend to buy impulsively. The anticipation of buying certain products result in a bigger high than actually having it in the end.

These useful ways might help you to deal with the recession & also help you to go green during recession time.


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