How to make your first night memorable?

The first night after the marriage in couple’s life is always filled with anxiety, nervousness, hesitation & there are many questions that come in your mind. With the proper guidance & information you can make your first night a memorable one. If your marriage is arranged one then it becomes very much difficult to open up & be motivated for love making. Always keep in mind that love making is not all important on first night, get to know each other better & take it easy.

On your first night you can begin with touching & kissing & exploring each other for love making only if you are ready for it & you are comfortable. Lovemaking under any sort of pressure leads to bitterness & disappointments. You should know each other & respect one another’s feelings & desires. For a couple, who know each other, first time is easier since, you know each other’s likes & dislikes & are more comfortable with each other.

Some crazy theories developed about female orgasm because it is not associated with ejaculation while love making. Often women or men held them responsible for anything that goes wrong. You should know that the chances are that a woman may not be able to achieve orgasm as because she has to first feel comfortable with her own body, with the intimacy that she develops with her groom. It is a deep journey into personal uninhibition. It is unrealistic for both of the partners that orgasm can be rushed or dutifully fulfilled on the first night.

The most important thing is that couple should be relaxed & comfortable in each other’s company & wanting to have love making without any compulsion & pressure. Communication is the best key for some sort of worries. To learn that being relaxed & able to share things with your partner who is also probably feeling nervous will ease the tension. Making love is not a matter; the matter is what you do make you feel good. Enjoy safe lovemaking that can also prevent you from catching some horrible disease.


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