How to prevent Clogged Sinuses?

People who are susceptible to the cold then they are also prone to have sinuses clogged. Clogged sinuses will cause a relentless, throbbing ache in the frontal area of the head where the sinuses are located. You will probably run a fever, depending on how bad the infection is. Your eyes will be red and maybe watery and your vision may become somewhat blurred. Here explained some useful tip to keep your sinuses clear.

Eat nutritious & balanced diet : Good nutrition is always good for the body, and that includes your nasal passages. Eat a well balanced diet. Eat a well balanced diet. Spicy foods can open clogged sinuses so having diet that is simple & provide your body the nutrition that it requires. If you feel that your sinuses are getting congested, drinking hot beverages.

Identify the trigger : Identify your trigger that worsen your sinuses, so you can avoid close contact with them. These are the most common triggers that affects sinuses are air pollutants, smoke, dust & dust mites, molds & mildew, pet dander, pollen, viruses, bacteria, & fungi. Try to avoid these triggers in your routine life.

Boost immune system : If it is cold or flu season then boost your immune system by taking vitamins. You can ask your medical practitioner so that you can get the right amount of vitamins. Avoid others with a cold. Cover your mouth & nose with a scarf when you do go out. Try to get enough proper rest.

Air purifier : If you have an air purifier at home, this could be quite a big help. It regulates humidity & it also removes dust & allergens from the air.

Useful home tips : If you do get a cold, you can pour hot water into a basin, add a few drops of ecalytpus oil or Vicks Vapor Rub. Get a towel & make a tent over the basin & breathe it in. Or, you can wet a washcloth with hot water and ring it out. Lie down on the bed or couch and put this over your face for a few minutes.


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