How Yoga helpful in curing heart disease?

Researchers recently conducted a study on the effects of yoga in preventing coronary artery disease. New studies found that a common infection affecting 60 % to 99 % of adults could result in high blood pressure & hardening of the arteries. These are leading causes of heart disease, stroke and kidney disease. But the new findings suggest that something as simple as antiviral medication could prevent cardiovascular disease in thousands of people, saving many lives.

Yoga helpful for curing CAD : The preliminary study on the ways to conquer chronic stresses such as CAD, by yoga, indicated improvements in the conditions of epithelial cells that line your arteries from inside. Parameters like body mass, heart rates, blood pressure, and cholesterol & blood sugar levels were checked including epithelial linings before & after the study. Significant improvements were found like reduction in hypertension, body mass & pulse rate. Specifically those with previous CAD history also showed improvement in the functioning of endothelial cells.

There are many poses offered by yoga for curing heart disease are explained below.

The Tree pose- Varukshasana : Proceed from tadasana to rest your left foot on the root of right thigh and lift hands up straight till they touch palm to palm. Hold the position till 20 seconds.

Warrior Pose- Verbhadrasana : Begin from the mountain pose and jump change to fully stretched legs and arms (horizontal) sideways. Rotate outwards right foot by 90 degree and left foot by 70 degree. Bend the right knee till thigh becomes parallel to ground keeping the plane of the body unaltered. Breathe in a few times and return to tadasana and repeat this for the next half of the body.

Triangle Pose- Trkonasana : Stand upright with your feet spread slightly wider than shoulder. With both arms lifted bend towards right, hold right ankle with right hand without twisting the body. Hold it there for 30 seconds. The triangle is the shape formed by your trunk now.

The lotus pose- Padamasana : Improvement over the classic cross-legged squatting. Get both your feet to rest on the opposite thighs with soles facing up. You may want to pull your feet initially. It is a classic position for pranayama with chinmudra.

Efforts on yoga for heart disease are taking researchers in the right direction. The fact that the symptoms of coronary artery disease CAD have reacted positively which should motivate them further.


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