Main causes of stomach trouble, explained

Every one of us must suffer from stomach pain & stomach related problem some times in our life. You must have noted that some times these problems become frequent & chronic. Thus it is very important for everyone of to know the various causes that could lead to stomach related problems. Here are explained some causes of chronic stomach pain by knowing these causes you can easily get rid of this frequent occurring problem.

1. Acidity a major cause : It is a major cause of stomach related problems & that in turn can be result in of the problem of acid influx. Eating heavy meals can lead to this problem & it can be accompanied by nausea, heartburn & even stomach pain. Try to avoid having heavy meals especially at dinner time.

2. Remains constantly constipated : Constipation is also one of the leading cause of stomach related problems. If you constantly remain constipated, then you can suffer from chronic stomach pain & other related troubles. Intestinal infections, gallstones & ulcerative colitis can also be a cause for chronic stomach pain.

3. Irritable Bowel Syndrome : Similarly, Irritable Bowel Syndrome can lead to chronic stomach pain & cramps. Allergy from food, especially lactose intolerance is one of the causes for frequent & even chronic stomach trouble. Irritable bowl syndrome if not cured can help to vibrate some other problem that are associated with it.

4. Stress contributes to stomach problem : We all talk about the various drawbacks of stress & how it can affect your physical & psychological health. Stress is one of the major contributors to your stomach problems. Whenever your body & mind are stressed, it will have impact on your stomach & shown through stomach problems. If you are already suffering from any stomach problem, it can be aggravated by stress.

5. Overeating & untimely meals : Not to forget the simple, basic but the most common cause of stomach trouble are overeating or eating heavy & untimely meals. The food which taken not at proper time & not in proper quantity can lead to acidity & gas which in turn can lead to stomach pain & other problems.


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