More abortions results in premature baby birth

Women who terminate their pregnancy are subsequently more likely to give birth prematurely. An abortion could be risking the health of their next baby. Two or more abortions could more than double chances of a premature birth next time. Premature babies are at greater risk of health problems, with one in ten having lung disease, cerebral palsy, blindness or deafness. In most of the cases it has found that cause of premature delivery is previous pregnancy termination.

The link between abortion & premature birth emerged during a review of dozens studies on pregnancy complications. Having one abortion raised the risk of the woman having her next baby prematurely, which is defined as before 37 weeks, by 20 %. The risk of a very premature baby before 34 weeks rose by 50 %. Women who had two or more abortions were almost twice as likely to have a premature baby & two & a half times as likely to have one very prematurely.

Abortion may harm the womb or create infection. The body is protecting a healthy baby. By producing an abortion, that protection is destroyed & makes the cervix i.e. the neck of the womb more vulnerable. If the cervix is made more vulnerable women are more at risk of a premature baby. Some of the reasons why women choose to terminate a pregnancy may be such as unemployment or money worries, are also linked to early birth.

Smoking, drug use, unemployment & low income are also associated with abortion & premature birth. Dr Patricia Lohr said, “'Abortion is extremely safe. When we counsel women, we provide them with information about the potential for a slightly higher risk of miscarriage or early birth.”

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