Ovarian Grafting can cure infertility & early menopause

Grafting is a process where tissue of some type is implanted or attached surgically to other tissue. You may have heard of skin grafting for burns & other injuries. In ovarian grafting, the process is done with tissue from the ovaries as well. Ovarian grafting may be attempted in situations like infertility or possible early menopause due to chemotherapy. In some cases when a woman is diagnosed with cancer, her healthy ovary or ovarian tissue may be removed.

The frozen ovarian tissues are used in the future after chemotherapy treatment has concluded. There are two methods of ovarian grafting. In first method ovarian tissue may be transplanted from a healthy ovary of donor tissue with perfect match to an ovary that is not functioning properly. In second method an ovary be removed prior to chemotherapy & frozen for storage & then reimplanted into the woman’s own body.

Once the ovary or ovarian tissue is reimplanted, the woman will receive fertility treatments to help cause ovulation. In some cases normal hormone levels, ovulation & menstruation returns. If she does successfully ovulate, the eggs are removed and in vitro fertilization (IVF) can be attempted. An ovarian graft would stop women going through the menopause, prevent the hot flushes, mood swings, sleep problems & depression experienced by many women in their fifties.

Ovarian grafting has proved that it can be used to rescue fertility & there was no reason why ovaries could not be stored for decades. After a graft the ovary could continue to function long after the menopausal age. The ovaries produce the female sex hormones, oestrogen & progesterone, and contain cavities which allow eggs to develop. The procedure raises the prospect of all women storing their ovarian tissue in "banks" when they are young, with the view to extending their fertility and youthful looks into old age.

The treatment would prevent the onset of osteoporosis, known as brittle bone disease, which can lead to painful fractures, back pain & a loss of height. Which affects one woman in three during her life-time.


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