Prevent heart disease using tomato pill

New studies found that a common infection affecting 60 % to 99 % of adults could result in high blood pressure & hardening of the arteries. These are leading causes of heart disease, stroke and kidney disease. But the new findings suggest that something as simple as antiviral medication could prevent cardiovascular disease in thousands of people, saving many lives.

A chemical found in tangerine tomatoes that can be used as pill has been developed, which can prevent heart disease & stroke. Lycopene which makes tomatoes red, helps to prevent the furring up of arteries, has long been recognised for its health benefits. To develop it as supplement has been hampered previously by difficulty in getting the body to absorb it.

Now scientists have resolved this problem by using an extra potent form of lycopene extract from a variety of tomatoes called tangerine. These are grown in Italy. Clinical studies ha showed that it reduced damaging changes to bad cholesterol by more than 90 % within the duration of two months.

Researchers told that if untreated , this cholesterol can lead to atherosclerosis called narrowing of the arteries & heart attack & stroke. The pill of seven mg called Ateronon has been launched at an international meeting of cardiology specialists in London. "The evidence of the benefits of lycopene in the Mediterranean diet cannot be ignored," said Peter Kirkpatrick, a consultant neurovascular surgeon.

The much more work out has been done for it, than other dietary supplements by the science behind it. The seven mg pill Ateronon holds out the promise of being much more effective because it is a natural product so people should not have worry about the trial harming. Further trials of the supplement, which was developed, will be conducted by the scientists.


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