Reap healthy benefit by enjoying sex

Sex is one of the most enjoyable activity for both men & women. Not only it provids fun as the same time it is good for your health also. Researches has shown that sex can improve your health as well as can reduce psychological age by six years. Having frequent sex, which is about 200 hundred orgasms a year, will help prove that your body is functioning as it is supposed to be. Moreover sex with your spouse someone you love most strengthen the bond of love. There is nothing else like having sexual intercourse with the one you love.

Sex is also very useful from the health point of view because it correct the functioning of many organs of your body & provides you a healthy living. Here is explained some healthy benefits of enjoying safe sex.

1. Reducing chronic pain : Sex acts as a natural pan killer that everyone appreciate. During sexual intercourse natural opiates in the brain such as corticosteroids & endorphins are released, which help soothe pain such as a headache or backache. But for it to work, you have to have an orgasm, which causes the release of oxytocin and morphine-like endorphins that nullify the nerve endings that cause pain.

2. Boost up immunity : Having sex is better than Vitamin C. sex will help you better fight off infections as well as heal you faster if you are sick. When you enjoy sex once or twice a week, it will help to cause an increase in your immune function since sex will boost the number of antibodies that fight off germs.

3. Provides better sleep : During sexual intercourse, endorphins are released, which are your body's natural painkillers. So Forget the sleeping pill. Endorphins not only make you feel good, but can also help you relax and make you sleep better.

4. Strengthening Muscles : When a woman has sex, it helps make her vaginal muscles stronger by contracting & stretching during sexual intercourse. By making her vaginal muscles strong, there is an increased sensation during orgasm.

5. Lose weight : This is one exercise that everyone can enjoy. By just having one hour of sex over the course of a week, which is about two or three times a week, you will burn up to 100 calories. Now that is a workout everyone will like!

6. Prevent prostrate cancer : Sex is a wonderful remedy for men to prevent from prostrate cancer. Men who enjoy sex regularly in their day to day life are likely to less suffer from prostrate cancer. Regular sexual intercourse helps to keep the prostrate cancer at bay.


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