Remove Plaque through Ionic ProClean

Often we could not find the time & adequate instrument to take proper care of our teeth. Brushing & gargle can’t always solve the problem, a nightmare called plaque & gingivitis. If you still not use the proper technique for cleaning your teeth then you must look at latest development in dental field. Global Ionics LLC has just announced the official launch of its revolutionary product i.e. the Ionic ProClean toothbrush.

This toothbrush has been created on the base of the concept of ionic technology, which has proved to be a great plaque removal solution. Studies have shown that ionic technology reduces plaque & gingivitis. This is the first ionic toothbrush designed for worldwide market that neatly encases all the elements into one hermetically sealed brush, made from soft materials. It looks and feels like an ordinary toothbrush & doesn’t require unsightly charging equipment on the bathroom counter.

Idea behind creating Ionic ProClean is actually a simple one. People probably didn't know that plaque has a positive (+) charge, while tooth enamel has a negative (-) charge. Well, Ionic ProClean uses ionic technology to temporarily change tooth enamel to a positive charge, that forcing the bond of plaque to loosen, so you can easily remove it from your teeth.

The Ionic ProClean toothbrush promises to deliver the sensation of cleanness every time you use it. Plus, it spears you of those nasty visits to the dentist that nobody likes to do. Dental professionals recommend replacing your toothbrush every three months. The Ionic ProClean toothbrush is a fraction of the price of regular toothbrushes.



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