Teenagers’ fitness, a major concern

The health of teenagers is becoming the major concern for each & every parents. Because the modern trend of society are spoiling the fitness of the teenagers. Consumption of alcohol, junk food & smoking are very hazardous for teenagers. Teenage is the growing age for both boys & girls because many body &hormonal changes take places during this period. For teenager children it is not necessary to eat like a monster & workout like a robot.

1. Eating healthy & right : It is very important for teenagers to eat healthy & right food. They should not eat a lot of food in one time. The best way is to divide the time in small intervals & take a small portion of meal in spite of eating the whole food one time. Teenager fitness includes a wide range of new & exciting techniques that help teens to stay in healthy & in perfect shape. Most important factor in teen fitness is to eat healthy, proper exercise & adequate sleep.

2. Healthy diet plan : Teenagers must follow healthy diet plan, they should includes fresh fruits & vegetables in their meals. Fruits & vegetables are the most important sources of vitamins, minerals & proteins. They should also increase the intake of dairy products in their diet. Sugary stuff like chocolates, ice creams biscuits, cakes must be avoided, they can result in weight increase & tooth decay. Also one must not indulge into smoking & alcohol, as they can have negative effects on health.

3. Regular workouts & exercise : Teenagers must follow the routine of regular workouts & exercise. They should take up sports activities like swimming, squash, football & basketball. These sports activities not only burn calories but also refresh their mood. It might become boring to do normal exercises daily, but if you indulge yourself into these sports they will keep you interested in exercises.

4. Maintain proper sleeping schedules : Also teenagers must maintain proper sleeping schedules. They must avoid the use of tea and coffee. Bed hygiene must be maintained. They should go to bed early so that they can wake up in time. Proper sleeping habit will help them to remain fit mentally & physically.

5. Nail hygiene : Teenagers often neglect nail hygiene, but they must focus on nail care. Dirty nails can cause bacterial & fungal infections. It is not necessary to go for an expensive manicure, but regular trimming & filing of nails can be very useful in maintaining nail hygiene.

By following the above said rules teenagers can maintain their fitness. They are able to maintain good health pattern & remain fit & active in their remaining life.


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