Useful tips for busy Mothers

It always seen that busy mothers always have to find a way to manage their office as well their house. Because now a days due to summer kids are out of schools to enjoy their vacations. Women work for average 76 hours in total weekly work, which include 33 hours of household task. The time requirements of household & office work are complicated & often conflicting. Here are explained some useful time management strategies that proved useful for all busy mothers.

1. Negotiation with employer : For the working mothers one of keys is to negotiate with their employer regarding their work hours & their domestic necessities like sick children , household matters that require their attention. They can negotiate with their employer by suggesting solution like job sharing, telecommuting & result based works.

2. Develop checklist for kids : for keeping their family on schedule working mothers can develop checklist for kids to use as a reminder to get things done. For example to send kids to school in time make a morning chart that include get up, wash face, brush teeth, comb hair, dress, eat breakfast, get school lunch, get backpack & catch the bus. Like in same way they can make checklists for others times also as per their requirement.

3. Getting the kids involved : Get the kids involved in the house work by making it part of their family job. Like having the kids’ help she can pick up their toys before their lunch. This will not only make their house clean fast but by doing this she can also taught her children good habits & spending a quality time with them.

4. Arrange your chores : Try to arrange your chores in such a way that it remain easy for you to do one work simultaneously eliminate other one. Like while doing the laundry, while fixing dinner is one example of multitasking chores. Picking up dry cleaning and doing the grocery shopping while a child takes a music lesson is another.

5. Contingency arrangements : They should plan in advance way to manage family emergencies & unusual circumstances like children sickness, problem with babysitters & special events in the family. Contingency arrangement replace regular schedule. This can include negotiating a change of schedule with your employer or delegating the responsibility to a spouse.

6. Central family calendar : Most of the mothers find it useful to keep central family calendar clearly visible at their home. This make comfortable for every family member to see what is coming up the next day & the next week. They can easily plan to do something special for the days to come by seeing the central family calendar.

By applying these useful strategies in their daily life, the working mothers make their life more comfortable & easily maintain a good balance between their professional life & their family life.


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