Ways to provide yourself enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is everyone’s problem. In your routine life you have so much do to do every day that you are rarely left with eight hours of rest. Still for a healthy body & mind you need enough sleep. You have to make adjustments to with your work so that you can your well deserved rest. Here are discussed some useful ways by following these ways you can provide you enough sleep.

Discipline your body : Don’t wait for your body to feel sleepy before you decide to rest. Your body can be trained to get drowsy if you will it. Set a time for yourself then make the necessary preparations a few minutes before your set time so you’ll be ready for bed according to schedule.

Some stretching before bedtime : Your muscles need to relax so that your body will be ready for bed. Relieve the day’s stress by a doing a few & simple stretches, a few counts of breathing in and out & allowing your mind to free itself from worries. You cannot rest until you let go of your anxieties.

Don’t nap during the day : Doing so will steal a few hours of what would have been a continuous night rest. Napping at daytime makes it harder to get sleepy at night. So try to avoid nap during day time even though you feel little sleepy.

Not take tea & coffee before bedtime : The food & beverages that you eat & what you drink affect your sleeping habits. So control your caffeine. Try a glass of warm milk instead. People who take tea or coffee before sleep face problem while going for bed.

Use your bed only for sleeping : Many people use their bed for reading & writing which is wrong & create disturbance in their sleep. Using the bed solely for sleeping this purpose will help you condition your body & mind to only think of sleep when you see or feel the bed.

Sometimes sleeping problems could be a serious medical condition. Consult your doctor if your sleeping problem is beyond manageable.


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