What is Cellulite? Causes of it

Meaning : Cellulite is most commonly seen in women. It is lumpy deposit of fats that found in thighs, buttocks, legs, arms & areas of stomach. Women try many creams & lotions to get rid of this problem bur they remain unsatisfied with the results. Cellulite is basically a modernized term for collections of the fat that push against the connective tissues those are just located under the skin resulting into dimpling or pucker or appearing like extra tires.

Symptoms of cellulite : One can check such condition by just pinching the skin around the upper thighs. If you pinch & you get some lumpy thing, the body might have cellulite. Cellulite is more common in women as compared to the men especially in the women above 35 years. However, nowadays, it is also getting common in adolescent girls & young women. Area turns hard, cold & tight. Skin becomes loose, dull and ugly especially in thighs, legs, tummy & hips.

Causes for cellulite problems : Causes of cellulite include hormonal changes during puberty, during pregnancy & pre/post menopausal periods. Certain anomalies, overproduction of estrogen, disturbance in endocrine functions etc can also increase fat storage in the body and finally result into cellulite.

Excess weight or no workout leads to fat deposition in the body especially in stomachs, thighs & buttocks which is the major cause for cellulite. Eating fried & junk foods, taking tea, excess sugar, salt & no water are some other causes for cellulite problem. Poor blood circulation & poor lymphatic flow can also cause cellulite according to some health experts.

Usage of excess contraceptives for controlling pregnancy as this also leads to cellulite problem. Genetics and heredity may also be the cause of cellulite. Thick & rough skins are more prone to cellulite problem.


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