5 tips that gives soft bath to your baby

When a baby is born woman is filled with immense pleasure & joy. Being mother the birth of baby also lead to some added responsibilities towards you. Extra care & precautions must be taken while dealing with baby so that baby remains healthy & safe. Bathing a baby is one such task that requires special care & attention. Here are explained some useful tips & guidelines that might prove helpful while bathing your baby.

1. Remain around the baby : While giving bath to your baby you need to be continuously around him. So you should keep all the items required for bathing ready in advance. Some of the required bathing items like bathing tub, baby bath toys, towel, baby powder & his clothes. These all items should be made ready before bathing your baby.

2. Use lukewarm water : When you give bath to your baby, you should use lukewarm water. The water should neither too hot nor too cold. You should first check the temperature of water on your skin & then use it to bathe the baby. You should also raise the room temperature a bit so that the baby does not feel uncomfortable when you undress him. Now start to bathe your baby.

3. Remain soft on baby’s skin : When you bathe your baby, you should be soft on his skin. Since babies’ skin is sensitive, you must use soaps designed specifically for babies. You should also slowly & carefully rinse his entire body so that your baby remains clean, hygienically & fresh. Wash your baby’s hair at the end of the bath.

4. Moisturize your baby : After bath, you should apply a baby powder on him & also moisturize his skin using baby creams and lotions. There are some babies who cry while having a bath. However, you should try to make bath time a fun & enjoyable time for your baby as well as for yourself.

5. Usage of other things : You can use baby toys & keep your baby engrossed while you are bathing him. Similarly, talking to your baby, singing for him & even playing bath games can be fun for both the baby & the mother. So follow the above given tips to effectively & safely give a bath to your baby.


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