ACE peeper could give all required vitamins

People who are very much busy & don’t have time to eat their five a day, help is at hand. Researchers have developed a new breed of peeper that contains more vitamins & antioxidants than any other variety of peeper contains. The ordinary variety that is available do contains high level of Vitamins C & A. But the new one that never grown before contains vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that can help to guard against cancer.

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Because the vitamin E antioxidant is fat soluble & usually found only in fatty foods such as nuts & avocado. The ACE pepper was discovered in Israel then developed by Marks & Spencer in Waltham Cross, Essex, where it is grown without pesticides. It is a much deeper red & slightly longer, than the bell peppers.

Dr Simon Coupe said, “The vegetable will supersede other peppers in the future. I would hope that in years to come we'd only be seeing this pepper as people become healthier by boosting their vitamin levels. This is one of our healthiest products & it still tastes great, so I'm sure our customers will like it. We spend a lot of time and effort roaming the world trying to find new and inventive products.”

It is fantastic to have a vegetable capable of supplying all the vitamin A, C & E that are needed for one day. ACE peppers have a lovely, sweet flavor as well as being extremely good for your overall health. As people become more health conscious, the demand for fruit & vegetables high in vitamins & minerals will soar. Scientists expect that ACE peeper will fulfill the vitamin requirements of the people.


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