Bitter grapefruit can fight against diabetes

Scientist have found that the bitter grapefruit could fight against diabetes. They found that naringenin, a flavonoid found in citrus fruit, makes the liver burn fat instead of storing it after a meal. They believe that chemical found in it also helps obesity sufferers & even fight diabetes. It also helped balance insulin & glucose level. Naringenin gives citrus fruit, in particular grapefruit, its bitter taste.

But the people who want to burn extra fats have to wait for scientist to develop a con concentrated supplement. The normal dose of naringein is found in grapefruit. Once available, it could help treat patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes, a main cause of heart disease.

Researchers carried out their study on two groups of mice. One of the groups ate food that had been treated with naringenin. The non-naringenin mice became obese, their cholesterol levels rose & their bodies became resistant to insulin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar levels. The mice given the chemical did not suffer from these ailments, despite eating identical diets to the others.

They found that any rise in cholesterol level was corrected by the naringenin which also reprogrammed their lives to burn fat rather than store it. Professor Murray Huff said, “Furthermore, the marked obesity that develops in these mice was completely prevented by naringenin. What was unique about the study was that the effects were independent of calorific intake, meaning the mice ate exactly the same amount of food & the same amount of fat.”

Researchers are now planning; try to develop the chemical into a treatment for humans.


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