Cannabis causes mental illness

Cannabis, also known as marijuana , refers to any number of preparations of psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant. The most common form is the natural herbal form. The herbal form of the drug consists of mature female flowers and sub-tending leaves of pistillate (female) plants. The resinous form, known as hashish, consists primarily of glandular trichomes collected from the same plant material.

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Researchers showed that cannabis causes mental illness & even one-off uses show signs of behavior linked to schizophrenia & pioneering. They took the trial on twenty two healthy students & academic that half showed an acute psychotic reaction, when injected with the main ingredient of the drug. A series of similarities to symptoms of schizophrenia in their responses is detected.

The research, the first to try to chart exactly the impact of doses of cannabis on mental functions & mood, it is one of the clearest indicators yet that the drug is a primary cause of mental illness. 'he findings confirm that THC can induce a transient, acute psychotic reaction in psychiatrically well individuals.

The sentiments most commonly felt by the subjects included people seem to be dropping hints about them or saying things with a double meaning & they hear their own thoughts being echoed back to them. They noted that after the THC injections, the subjects showed marked deficits in working memory & executive functioning & a trend towards impaired episodic memory. All three are associated with schizophrenia.


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