Casanovas may less likely to make woman pregnant

Researchers said that women keen to get pregnant may be best advised to consider the least attractive men around. Good-looking men with lots of lovers are likely to be less successful at siring offspring. Burt on the other hand ugly men are apparently the most fertile. In many animal species, the most desirable males restrict their sperm load with each mating to ensure there is enough to go round.

Women looking for the best chance of getting pregnant should steer clear of the handsome Lotharios. Males with the opportunity to mate with a lot of females would be likely to produce less sperm on each occasion than those making fewer sexual conquests. A smaller sperm load reduces the chances of any individual female getting pregnant.

However, this is outweighed by the fact that many different females can be impregnated. Such a trade-off is seen in the wild & has been observed in chickens & fish. It found that in some species, females mate with many different males. Since males have finite resources to allocate to breeding, they allocate them carefully to each mating to maximize their number of offspring.

In many species it is also seen that the more attractive a male is, the more females will be willing to mate with him, reducing the value of each mating to him. It is optimal for him to contribute-fewer sperm per mating. Although this reduces fertility per mating, it maximizes the number of offspring he sires overall.

As far as human is concerned it is found by the researchers through many trails that less attractive males secure fewer mating but value each of them more highly & by allocating more sperm to each mating make the most of their meager opportunities. This leads to the rather paradoxical prediction that mating with attractive males may be less fertile than those with unattractive males.


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