Causes & symptoms of vaginal Thrush

Many women suffer from the problem of vaginal thrush. It is generally caused by a fungal infection, candida. It can also be a result of overgrowth of yeast in the vagina. Here are discussed the causes & symptoms of vaginal thrush problem of women.

Causes of vaginal thrush : As discussed earlier vaginal thrush is caused by the overgrowth of the yeast in vaginal area. This problem can be erupted due to the excessive usage of contraceptive pills, antibiotics & it can also occur during pregnancy. Stress & diabetes can also trigger the vaginal thrush problem. Women who have this problem should always try to stay from stress & try leading a healthy life. It can hamper the healthy life of a person.

Symptoms of vaginal thrush : Women who suffer from vaginal thrush have a vaginal discharge that is creamy white & cottage cheese kind. It can also be watery at times & can lead to feeling of itchiness & discomfort along with redness & pain too. However, it is not necessary that all women will display similar symptoms.

Sometimes many women who suffer from vaginal thrush might not come to know about it due to its minor & almost negligible symptoms. Women should keep this in mind that all kinds of vaginal discharge are not a sign of vaginal thrush. They should get it checked it by the gynecologist.

Diagnose for vaginal thrush : vaginal thrush can be treated with medication & prescribed lotions. There are also some natural remedies that can help you prevent the problem of vaginal thrush. Women who have this problem should not wear fighting undergarments. They should avoid wearing nylon undergarments.

They should follow proper personal hygiene. They should avoid perfumed & colored soap to wash the vaginal area. Eating yogurt can naturally prevent the problem of vaginal thrush. The itching sensation can be resolved by taking bath in warm salty water.


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