Cutting calories could lead to a longer life

The eating habit of the people is the key to their life. New study claimed that the key to a longer life is all down to how much or how little we eat. Researchers heave revealed that cutting calories by 30 %, while maintaining the nutritious diet , delays ageing in primates & could also add years extra life to human.

Scientists carried out their study on rhesus monkeys for twenty years & found that eating less calories could also help prevent ageing in primates & could also add years if extra life to humans. Rhesus monkeys have an average life span of about 27 years in captivity. Those taking part in the study have survived to 29,that is 7 % increase.

The same effect in humans would mean around six years of extra life. Professor Richard Weindruch said, “We have been able to show that caloric restriction can slow the ageing process in a primate species. We observed that caloric restriction reduced the risk of developing an age-related disease by a factor of three and increased survival.”

The brain health of the animals on the restricted diet was also better, with some areas of the brain remaining more intact with age. Regions of the brain responsible for motor control, working memory & problem solving appeared to be better preserved in animals that consumed fewer calories.

They found that both motor speed & mental speed slow down with ageing. Those are the areas which we found to be better preserved. They said that they can’t yet make the claim that a difference in diet is associated with functional change because those studies are still ongoing. What they know so far is that there are regional differences in brain mass that appear to be related to diet.


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