Enjoy acupuncture without Feeling the Needles

One of the most mysterious parts of Chinese medicine is acupuncture. It is a process during which certain ailments are treated by sticking very sharp, thin needles into specific areas of the body. Chinese medicine is one of the world's oldest sciences. Its approach to curing some illnesses is completely different from that of Western medicine.

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For some people this process might prove to be very painful. For this reason TopGadget are offering users their brand-new Electric Acupuncture Pen Plus, which lets users quickly locate & treat acu-points without needles or piercing of the skin. Practically, this thing should deliver all of the benefits, but none of the pain involved in this form of treatment.

According to the vendor, users can also easily adjust the intensity of stimulation, while the treatment time can be adjusted to meet one's individual requirements. Additional features of Acupuncture Pen Plus include three user selectable program modes for blood circulation, muscle stimulation and analgesic pain relief. The device is accompanied by a pair of earphones, which allow users to easily locate the acu-points without disturbing other people.

It can be easily carried around, given the fact that it measures just around 170 x 18 x 37 mm, at an overall weight of 44 grams. The Electric Acupuncture Pen Plus presented by TopGadget sells for somewhere in the vicinity of 34 US dollars, which is not even that high a price, as long as this thing can deliver on its promise, namely painless treatment.



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