Find the perfect bra for you!

Come on, admit it that you have been wearing the same ill-fitting bras for years. Why? Because you didn’t know any better. Here are explained few bra-buying basic tips that every women should follow before purchasing a bra for her.

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Misconception regarding size : Do not assume that you are an A cup because you are flat or a D if you are busty. Other things affects your size , such as the width of your chest & where your breasts sit on your chest.

Correct way to put on : There is a correct way to put on a bra. Begin by slipping on the straps & hooking the back. Then pull each strap slightly away from your body, lean forward, & lift your breast into each cup with your hand. This will ensure the best look & fit. The band around your back should rest parallel to the area right under your breast.

Don’t forget to stretch : When you try on a bra, raise your arms above your head, reach them forward, & walk around to gauge the fit & comfert.

Cups should contain breasts completely : Bra cups should contain your breasts completely. Experts note that 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong cup size. If there are not filled out, try a smaller size. If your breasts are flowing over the top or sides, try larger size.

One breast is often bigger than other : It is often noted by experts that one breast is often bigger than the other. If the difference is significant, fit the cup size to the larger breast, & then adjust the strap so the smaller breast is tighter then the bigger one.

So with above said tips women can search the perfect fitting bra for themselves & end their habit wearing of same ill-fitting bras for years.


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