Garlic keeps you healthy & many diseases at bay

For ages people have trusted garlic for its fantastic medicinal properties. It is from the same family as onion is. Garlic has an anti-bacterial & anti-fungal property that makes it effective for treatment of infections. Garlic also has certain properties that help in reducing blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, combating various infections & strengthening the immune system. Here are explained some useful health benefits of consuming garlic.

Treatment of Acne : While curing acne with home remedies you can try using garlic. You can take garlic raw garlic with water to fight with acne. You can also rub the area of the skin affected by acne with the juice of raw garlic. The worst form of acne can be treated with crushed garlic. The problem of spots & acne scars on your skin can also be treated with the juice of the garlic.

Curing nail fungus with garlic : The people who are suffering from the problem of nail fungus can use fresh garlic. They can consume one clove of raw garlic with water early in the morning. They can also apply the paste of garlic on nails, one or two times a day to cure nail fungus. They can also use garlic oil instead of garlic paste.

Treating hair loss : Hair loss is a very common problem & people keep on searching for natural remedies for treating the problem. If you do not suffer from a very severe case of hair loss then you can combine fine lead powder with a little bit of garlic extract & apply it on your scalp. In case the problem is leaving you with sleepless nights then you can rub some pieces of chopped garlic on the bald areas of your scalp. This will facilitate the growth of healthy hair.

Other benefits : Habitual & frequent use of garlic should be encouraged & practiced, as it is helpful in boosting the immune system. Garlic is helpful for having a control on cholesterol & high blood pressure or hypertension. Application of garlic juice is beneficial in case of insect bites, rashes or other forms of common skin infection. In combination with honey or other natural herbs it finds a wide application.


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