Get the bikini body! Banish food cravings

When it comes to losing weight, the biggest problem every body faced is to control one’s appetite. People often finished up everything that in their plates. They often lost the ability to judge portion sizes & to know when they have eaten enough. They are heavier than they would like to be because they simply eat way too much. They have to learn to control portion size & the right amount to eat.

They need to learn to listen to their body rather than looking at what is on their plate. It is like training, just as they are training themselves to chew their food thoroughly on the diet. Every mouthful should be chewed at least for 30 minutes. The secret to know that they feel full that means they have eaten too much.

When they eat the right amount, they should leave the table feeling invigorated & energized, rather than sluggish. They should try to recognize the difference between actual hunger & habit. People often crave food because they see it rather than because they are truly hungry. They also sit down to meals when they aren't hungry, because they are creatures of habit.

Start with by stop eating, say, five minutes before they would normally or when there is about a quarter of their usual food intake remaining on the plate. They should go off & do something for ten minutes & then come back & they should see if they are still hungry. It's almost guaranteed they would not be. At the next meal, they should give a smaller portion to themselves, and ask their selves as they head towards the finish line.

There are also some appetite-training tricks to help gain control over the amount eat, like use smaller plates & bowls. For example, choose a side plate for your main meal. As simplistic as it sounds, your brain will tell your well-trained stomach that you have finished what's on your plate, therefore you've had enough. Drink plenty of water between meals. It's common to mistake thirst for hunger pangs.

Try to eat a small meal of just soup with dense, whole meal bread for dinner at least twice-a-week & you will get used to eating less. When you wake up hungry you'll be ready to eat the substantial breakfast, eat your biggest meals at breakfast & lunch, when digestion is at its peak. Sleep well. This will happen naturally if you don't eat a heavy meal late at night. Tiredness leads to cravings for high-energy foods.

Exercise every day. If it's only walking distance, instead of taking the car or doing physically demanding housework. Take every opportunity that you can to move about. Remember, eating junk food will not give you that 'I've-had-enough' feeling because it doesn't contain nutrients. Despite a large intake of calories, your body will still crave the nutrients it needs.


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