Get relief from carpal tunnel syndrome without medication!

After a long day work you feel pain in your wrist. If you have to use your arms very much or just keep them raised then you must know the feeling of forearm muscle pain when the extensor & flexor muscles get inflamed & stiff. Something that looks like a guillotine, this device sure does well for you.

Invented by a licensed massage therapist, the producer says it can relieve pain caused by the carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injuries in the forearm without medication. Carpal syndrome is a medical condition in which the median nerve is compressed at the wrist, leading to parenthesis, numbness & muscle-weakened hands. It is most commonly mistaken for activity-related arm pain.

The device replicates the Swedish arm massage technique to soothe the inflamed, stiff extensor & flexor muscles that cause forearm pain. Simply place your arm between the compression spring-loaded rollers, turn the dial to your preferred level of tension & slide your arm back & forth through the cushioned rollers. The two ridges on the upper roller give you a penetrating massage to ease the nerve compression while the rubber nodules grip and stretch your muscles & tendons.

Besides the fact that it's offered by a company that sells just about anything you can or can't imagine. With a size of 9.5-inch high x 7.5-inch wide x 4.5-inch deep it won't occupy too much space on your desk.


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