Guava makes skin & hair beautiful

Eat guava for making your skin & hair beautiful. Guava fruit comes in pink to yellow & green color. This all purpose fruit fights with various diseases. This is wonderful remedy for colon disease, prostate cancer, diabetes, bad cholesterol & scurvy. Guavas keep your digestive system in proper order & prevent you from constipation which is the main cause of many problems.

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1. Nutritional properties of guava : Guava has high dose of Vitamin C that is great for healthy eyes & heart. It is good source of multi vitamins that help to keep skin gleaning clean, taut & reduce the appearance of fine lines. The Guava fruit & its leaves have bacterial staving & disinfecting properties, thus helping combat stomach upsets like dysentery & diarrhea. Its astringent properties are helpful for maintaining healthy gums.

2. Wonderful for skin : Guava extract & passionflower oil when massaged for about 20-30 minutes into the face, on a regular basis helps prevent premature aging. It heals & soothes skin with effective regeneration & revitalization. Guava is effective for skin whitening, thus it acts as natural bleach for the skin. Even eating guava after meal is also very useful for skin.

3. Wonderful for hair : Guava is great for dazzling, glossy hair locks. It is also great for thin, chemical-treated hair. A blend of extracts of passion fruit, guava, dried orange powder & honey acts as a great hair pack that removes frizz. it provides the hair deep conditioning with its high vitamin & anti-oxidant properties.

4. Powerful extract of guava : Powdered form or the extract of guava along with aloe Vera helps heal prickly heat symptoms in children & adults. People who suffered allergic reactions like eczema & psoriasis experienced significant relief with topical application of guava extract or dried guava leaves. Guavas extract with a mix of butcher’s broom extract is an effectual anti-obesity cream.


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