Healthy diet for healthy pregnancy

Every woman feels cry excited during the movement when she came to know that she got pregnant. However if she does not take care of health during this period, it can lead to several problems during pregnancy. An unbalanced diet can adversely affects her health as well as the health unborn baby. Energy requirement of the body increases during pregnancy.

It is recommended that women who are pregnant increase their daily food intake by 100 calories in the first trimester & 300 calories in the subsequent two trimesters. She has to incorporate these additional energy levels as suitable timing by eating at different times.

Taking Vitamins & iron : During pregnancy vitamins are an essential part of the body. Pregnant woman must fulfill the vitamin requirement of the body by eating multivitamin supplements. Iron is important to maintain adequate levels of blood supply to the baby. Many women’s bodies do not contain the requisite iron content. Therefore, iron supplements are often recommended in their dietary plan. They can also eat more foods which are rich in iron such as fish, poultry & dried fruits to fulfill your body’s deficiency.

Taking folic acid : Folic acid is necessary to support the increasing maternal blood volume. Folic acid also helps to reduce the risk of certain defects in the baby. Women are advised to take daily folic acid supplements in the first three months of pregnancy. The baby in the womb gets the calcium required for healthy bones & teeth from the mother. It is recommended to include calcium & vitamin D in a pregnant woman’s diet.

Take small meals instead of big ones : Try to start eating 5 to 6 small meals a day instead of three big ones. This will help to keep the baby well fed at all times too. Remember that when babies are so small, they cannot take in a lot at a time. So you may also discover that you are feeling hungrier more frequently. You should also start drinking some amount of juice. This will help to give you more nutrition.

Avoid certain food & drinks : During pregnancy, caffeine intake should be limited to a maximum of two to three cups a day. Some doctors even suggest that you should say no to caffeine altogether. In sea food, avoid high mercury fish such as shark, king mackerel & swordfish. Do not eat fish more than twice a week. There may also be certain kinds of foods that you are allergic to. Cutting down or quitting alcoholic drinks during pregnancy is highly recommended.

Avoid high sugar & grease foods : Try to cut back on foods that contain high amounts of sugar & grease to your food. Not only will these make you gain weight unnecessarily, they may also end up making the baby overweight. This is hardly an ideal situation for good health. Instead of eating sweet stuff, you can start eating fruits. These are natural sugars that will also add health & vigor to your body overall.

A pregnant woman often develops cravings for food. Always remember that your health & your baby’s health are most important. Control your cravings & live on a well balanced diet.


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