How Diabetes affects women’s sex- life?

Researchers found type I diabetes can affects the sex life of those women who suffer red from it. In the trail they found that the sexually active women with type I diabetes in the study, 35 % met criteria for female sexual dysfunction. Their reports showed that women include loss of libido by 57 %, problem with orgasm by 51 %, lubrication reduced by 47%, reduced arousal by 38% & pain by 21 %.

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In the initial stage of study they link the sexual dysfunction with the older age, not being married, being postmenopausal, having circulatory problems & having depression. But after deep study & taking into account of various other conditions that could affects sexual dysfunction, it is found that only depression & marital status were significantly related to sexual dysfunction.

From various studies & above said findings suggest that female sexual dysfunction is commonly found in women with type I diabetes. This also affects all aspects of sexual function & satisfaction. Moreover depression is the major predictor of sexual dysfunction in women who are suffering from type I diabetes.

Researchers suggest that woman who are sexually active with type I diabetes should get regular check up regarding presence of depression symptoms, sexual function & sexual satisfaction. They should regularly consult their specialists & get the treatment of above said disorders to prevent from sexual dysfunction. These things help them to lead a active sex life.


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