How Spider Veins affect your health?

Spider veins : this problem as the name suggests occurred in veins in which veins of the person affected are clearly visible as webbed lines in body. The spider veins appeared in regions like thighs, cheeks, nose & legs. In medical science it is considered that it occurs as a result of the weakening of the valves that control blood flow. There are various causes that can lead to spider veins both in males & females.

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Genetic & hereditary factors : The problem of spider veins can be genetic & linked with hereditary factors. On the other hand factors like ageing & excessive skin exposure to sun are some leading contributors to this problem. Many people develop the problem of spider veins in the later age of their life.

Smoking & drinking can lead to spider veins : The people who are habit of smoking & drinking are susceptible to spider veins problem. People who consume much alcohol & those who are chain smokers can suffer from this problem. Moreover obesity is another cause of spider veins. Hormonal imbalance in pregnant women can also lead to spider veins problem during pregnancy.

Prolonged standing can cause spider veins : The another cause of erupting spider veins problem is common in people who stand for longer times. The jobs like teaching & other professions that involve prolonged standing hours can make vulnerable to this problem. People, who are doing such jobs, should take some sitting time in between their regular standing work.

Symptoms of spider veins : As explained above the symptoms of spider veins are characterized by visibility of webbed lines on various parts of body. In addition this problem can also lead to cramps at night time & person can experience general discomfort. The affected area some times also get swallow due this problem. Person can feel uncomfortable in moving the particular organ, affected by spider veins.

How to prevent spider veins : The problem of spider veins can be prevented by following various things that can avoid the causes of spider veins. Regular exercise, healthy lifestyle, eating well, keeping weight under control & avoid standing for prolonged hours are certain things that can reduce the risk of developing the problem of spider veins.


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