How to cure insomnia with a gizmo?

Insomnia is an issue for numerous all over the world. There are wide ranges of medicines that are available for curing insomnia problem. Curing insomnia through medication involves many side effects on the physical as well as mental health of the person. Spec Computer, a company based in Japan, says its new gadget helps you find out the cause of your sleeplessness. It calls the device the ZZZ Checker.

Unlike other similar products it does not require additional accessories, such as bracelets or skin electrodes. This little device sports a microphone for recording sounds while you sleep, like teeth grinding, snoring, hard breaths & such. On the other hand, the built-in infrared sensor catches visual information of you tossing around or shaking.

Other than that, the ZZZ Checker analyses all the data that it has recorded, converting it into graphs that help you acknowledge how deep you were sleeping in three different states like light, medium & deep. You get one graph for the visual data & one for audio. All that and you should know how well you got your rest last night. This gizmo seems useful, but it must admit that the thought of a robot monitoring sleep is a little odd.

For ease of use, it sports a high-contrast touch-screen display & can store time graphs of sleep habits without being connected to the PC. USB connectivity is provided to save your data for archiving or further analysis. With a size of only 108 x 80 x 37mm, it's even small enough to be carried with you for monitoring your sleep wherever you may go. Weight is also not a problem either - only 148g. An AC adapter is included in the package, a CR2032 watch battery for the time function.



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