How to cure Malaria through home remedies?

Malaria : It is one of the most common diseases caused by mosquito. Female Anopheles mosquito carry malaria parasites, when they bite someone then those parasites enter to his body & cause malaria. These parasites later on enter to the lungs & multiply & spread through out the body through blood vessels. People with weak immune system & those who are living in unhealthy living conditions are more susceptible to malarial attack. Every year thousands of people suffer from this disease all over the world.

Symptoms of malaria : Patient suffering from malaria experiences a severe cold even during the hot climate. In fact this is the first symptom, or the initial stage experience, of malaria. Despite of feeling severe cold, the body temperature raises high & causes severe body pain, headache, vomiting & some times unconsciousness. Some patients experience extreme weakness & frequently reach to the state of unconsciousness. Patient may also suffer from jaundice & lack of blood in the body.

Causes of malaria : Malaria can attack people living in unhealthy condition. Malarial mosquitoes grow in unhygienic places. Change in climate & temperature, attack of parasites, moving from one place to another are other reasons for malaria.

Home remedies for malaria : Patient suffering from malaria should be given adequate amount of water & other fluid. The idea is to lower the high body temperature. If high temperature persists for longer period of time, cover his body in wet cloth for some time & then remove it. Repeat this process until body temperature drops somewhere around 38 degree Celsius.

Usage of Basil leaves : Basil leaves are one of the oldest, most effective home remedies for treating malaria. Extract juice of basil leaves & add two table spoon of black pepper powder to it & give it to the patient. He might feel great relief from this mixture. The medicinal property of basal leaves kills the malarial parasites & reduces its severity. Taking extract of basil with honey has strong effect in curing malaria.

Usage of Ginger : Ginger is one of the oldest home remedy used for the treatment of several chronic diseases. Take a small piece of ginger and 2-3 teaspoon raisins. Add this to a glass of water & boil it till the constituent become half. Allow it to cool & then give to the patient. This will make him feel much better. This is one of the important home remedies for malaria.

Usage of Cinnamon & cloves : Other home remedies for malaria include cinnamon & clove powder. Take three teaspoon of finely powdered cloves & cinnamon & mix in a glass of water. Boil this mixture until the constituent become half. Allow it to cool & add little amount of black pepper or honey to it. Patient can take this mixture 2-3 times a day. This is a very old remedy for curing malaria.

Eat Balanced diet: Person suffering from malaria should be given liquid foods. When patient starts recovering, he should be given green leafy vegetables & fruits. Boiled rice, with boiled vegetables, rice cooked with pulse should be given. These are easily digestible. Whole wheat grain is very good for them. Patient should not eat junk food, fatty or oily food. Soft drink & chocolates should strictly be avoided.


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