How to cure Vaginal Dryness?

Vaginal dryness is just one of many problems that women encountered with. Decreased lubrication of the vaginal walls, shrinking & thinning of the vaginal tissues causes an irritation in vagina called vaginal dryness. Although the problem is fairly common among women but treating the disorder is of even higher importance. If the problem left untreated, the condition could deteriorate & may cause more serious problems.

Symptoms of vaginal dryness : The symptoms of vaginal dryness are often ignored by women like itching, burning sensation, soreness in vagina, painful intercourse & intercourse followed by light bleeding. Women do not take these symptoms seriously because the lack of knowledge about vaginal dryness.

Causes of vaginal dryness : The most common of these factors are smoking, alcohol consumption, taking drugs & other medications, changes in the menstrual cycle, as well as the application of ointments & other applications that can wear away the vagina’s natural lubricant. Other reason of vaginal dryness is decrease in estrogen due to radiation treatments, removal of the ovaries & menopause cause vaginal dryness.

The level of estrogen falls after childbirth. Allergic reactions to latex condoms, toilet tissue, tampons & contraceptives, are other factors. Decreased vaginal secretions before intercourse, vaginal dryness can be totally annoying condition especially during intercourses when sex becomes very painful for the women.

Treatment for vaginal dryness : Treating the disorder is a must for women who experience this problem. Avoid the use of medications that can severely affect vaginal lubrication. One of the most commonly known medications that can cause vaginal dryness is antihistamines. When there is other substitute treatment is available for disease that requires antihistamines, then alternative is usually preferred to help prevent vaginal dryness.

In many cases, when vaginal dryness is a result of vaginal infection, especially from yeast. The most common treatment is through the application of antimycotics, which has a good record in treating vaginal yeast infection. Avoid taking alcoholic drinks as these have the potential to offset the natural balance in the body, resulting to vaginal dryness in the process.

Avoid applying lotions & other topical applications that may cause the vaginal walls to dry up or that will inhibit production of vaginal lubricant. Drink plenty of body fluids, especially water to maintain the body’s water content & preventing dehydration. The above said treatments can help to get rid of vaginal dryness. Further when doing so, care must be taken & one should ask for professional advice.

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