How to prevent headache arises from tension?

As the name suggests, tension headaches occur when you have tension in your neck, shoulders and upper back. The best way to get rid of them is by getting rid of its root cause, that is, tension. Every one of us must follow some stress management techniques so that tension does not become large enough to disrupt our normal living.

The tension type headache, as they are medically known, is often triggered by the stress. These headaches often cause the muscles in the neck & temples to stiffen. Here are explained some useful exercises that can help reduce the pain which are invented by Cawtrone Cooksey.

* Sit with your head in a neutral position, looking straight ahead with your shoulders relaxed.

* Turn your head to one side, & then touch your shoulder with your chin. Repeat on the other side.

* The repeat the action, but this time let your ear (rather than your chin) touch your shoulder.

* Put your chin on your chest & then lean your head back as if you were having it washed at the hair salon.

* Repeat these six movements 20 times, two to three times a day if necessary.

* To relax the muscles even more, take a hot shower before or during the exercises, or use a cold compress. Warm & cold temperatures can relax the muscles, helping them to perform a wider range of movement.

So the regular practice of the above said exercises can greatly help to get rid from the headache that arises due to tension in day to day life.


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